We are committed to bringing integrity to the process of fixing homes. One of our core values as a brokerage is to be a strong advocate for our client's needs and to educate them on the complexities of real estate. Not only do we represent you with your best interest in mind, but we work with you every step of the way to create a seamless transaction from start to finish.

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Property Rehab

Regan Premier Properties specializes in the acquisition and rehabilitation of distressed homes. Our combined years in the real estate world and expert knowledge of building make us the right team to handle any rehab job. We buy the proeprty, design and remodel it with today's consumer in mind and sell it to a new owner who can enjoy it for years to come. Our mission is to create high quality homes that are both safe and desirable to live in. 


property investment

We believe your money should work for you which is why we work hard to identify properties that yield higher returns than any other asset class. Through in-depth research and due dilligence our goal is to deliver sound investments that provide cash flow, wealth building opportunities, financial leverage and long term retirement plans. Whether it be investing in one of our rehabs or finding a property to generate passive income, we can provide a medium for greater financial performance.  

Property management

Real Estate Agent Partnerships

We want to work with real estate agents outside our brokerage because we know that knowledge is power. Here's how it works. You bring us the property, we take care of the financing and rehab and in return, we become your client. You get both the purchase and sale side of the transaction, with zero referral fees paid to us. You have the ability to earn two commissions on one property every single time we work together.

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